Residential Roofing


#1 Roofing Contractor: Optimum Roofing Solutions, a Residential Roofing company in Houston, TX that provides all types of roof repairs and roofing systems for all your residential roofing needs.

You own a house, but you live in a home. You have built your life here in Houston and the walls are filled with treasured memories. Holding those walls up are your hard work and dedication to your homes life. And at the very top, holding in all of those memories, is your Houston roofing system. When it comes to making that house a home, the physical structure is equally as important as the memories, right? At Optimum Roofing Solutions, your #1 residential roofing company, we have been building and repairing roofs and homes for years. Choosing us is more than selecting a Houston roofer; it is choosing a commitment from dedicated roofing contractors who understand the value of your house and the importance of your home. If you want…

  • Quality service from roofers who have satisfied over 200,000 customers
  • Quick and easy one-day service on new roof installations
  • Free estimates on roofing services

…then Optimum Roofing Solutions is right for you!


At Optimum Roofing Solutions, we believe that it is important to make your Houston roofing experience as painless as possible. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us (or fill out our online free estimate request), you begin a process of ease and clarity. You will never have to deal with automated answering systems; you will never feel pressure; and at Optimum Roofing Solutions, your schedule dictates our schedule. We stand behind you.


When you call us for an estimate, you can be certain that our HOUSTON estimators will go above and beyond your expectations. You have questions and we have answers. We will help you make the decision that is right for your home, when it is right for you. And since we provide open book pricing, there is never any mystery or fine print with Optimum Roofing Solutions. What you see is what you’ll get, and we’d be happy to show you anything that you’d like to see! Our goal is to make the process as stress-free and personal as we possibly can. Your job will be assigned to one of our very own project managers, who will ensure that your expectations are met. Your overall happiness is our main priority!


At Optimum Roofing Solutions, it’s about more than just the roofing. It’s about the quality workmanship and attention to detail. It’s about making your vision become a reality. It’s about making the services you need work for you. We understand that sometimes you need roofing and you need it now; that is exactly why we offer quick credit decisions and special financing options with approved credit, we have it made just for us easy for you to jump right into the project. So if you’re looking for products with the highest standards in the industry; if you’re seeking the care and personal attention of a professional Houston roofing contractor; and if you’d like to ensure that your house continues to be the best home it can be, then contact CONTACT US TODAY by submitting a request for a Free Estimate, or call us anytime day at the phone number listed above and below. See for yourself the difference our Houston roofing experts can make for your home!